People are our most important resource

Social responsibility 2014

Annika Parkkonen, VP, HR, Nordic Morning Plc

“We can all feel like we are part of an organization that is moving forward and capable of responding to future challenges.”

Better leadership, better work

Leadership development is an important focus area of the Nordic Morning Group’s HR strategy, and it was a particularly high priority in 2014. Good leadership creates the conditions for wellbeing among all employees. In day-to-day operations, the results are reflected in better and more consistent leadership.

The development program implemented in the Group management team in autumn 2013 was launched in the management teams of the Group’s subsidiaries in spring 2014. The program was based on the Group’s leadership model. In the autumn, the leadership development program was extended to managers outside the management teams. A total of 35 managers in Finland and Sweden participated in the five-day training program. A 360-degree feedback based on the Group’s leadership model was implemented as part of the training. The training program will end in winter 2015.

Nordic Bond 001, the 18-month training program for young talents with managerial potential launched in spring 2013, was concluded in spring 2014. In the late stages of the program, the team prepared a proposal on how to build a culture of innovation in the Group. The proposal was implemented when the Group launched the Innovation Award competition in the autumn.

Nordic Bond 002, the second iteration of the 18-month program, began in November 2014. The focus of the program is on improving the skills needed at the customer interface. A total of 15 participants were selected for the team from nine Group companies.

The definition of roles and competencies was completed in 2014. In the spring, the strategic skills and roles in Group companies were identified as part of the development of the strategy. Looking ahead, HR planning and development will be particularly thorough for the identified roles.

In late autumn, the Group began communications on common Key Behaviors. The Key Behaviors are aimed at supporting everyone to work in such a way that they promote a good working community as well as the success of the individual and the company. The aim is to build an organizational culture in which everyone is inspired to work. A social game related to the Key Behaviors will be launched in winter 2015.

Responsible companies
get the best talent

Malin Lindfors Speace, corporate responsibility consultant, Ethos International:

"A company with a responsible reputation gets the best talents."

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Good spirited competition
between countries

Annika Parkkonen, Vice President, HR:

"Cultural differences between Finns and Swedes are an asset, even if it may give rise to conflicts along the way. Diversity is enriching. Of course, we should not seek out conflicts on purpose but when they do arise, they should be perceived as creative opportunities."

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Work colleagues
who help people in need

Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director, Klikkicom:

"Charity has become something that is taken for granted at Klikki. Charitable activities and events create an increased feeling of togetherness and help employees better understand the situation of the underprivileged."

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Mahis provides young people with meaningful activities and a feeling of success

Annika Linna, Head of Communications, Nordic Morning:

"Mahis’ projects organized by the Finnish Youth Academy are great opportunies to inspire young people to get involved in communications and support them with our expertise.” 

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HR strategy


Our goal is to raise leadership skills at Nordic Morning to a level that supports the wellbeing of employees and their commitment to the company.

A manager must be able to set clear goals and support the employees in achieving them. Managers also need the ability and courage to make decisions, organize and delegate, as well as to support employees in their development.


Our goal is for all Nordic Morning employees to have the possibility to develop as experts and, as a result, to perform well in their tasks both now and in the future.

Our development plans for team- or company-specific competences are based on the competence level required by the company’s business goals, as well as by the needs of the business strategy to develop competence in the long term.


Our goal is for all Nordic Morning employees to enjoy their work and to feel that they are being rewarded for their performance.

The purpose is to understand which factors have the greatest impact on employees’ commitment to Nordic Morning.


Our goal is for all Nordic Morning employees to feel comfortable in and enjoy their work, so that nobody is excluded from the group.

We support the physical wellbeing of our employees by offering them a safe and appropriate work environment, as well as the possibility to maintain their fitness levels. We measure social wellbeing in the annual employee surveys and emphasize it when developing managerial work.

Key behaviors at Nordic Morning

Passion for Success

We have a positive attitude towards working smoothly and achieving targets. We take the initiative in development.

Openness and Sharing

We want to understand others, work together and be part of a team.

Curiosity to Learn and Innovate

We are curious. We want to learn to know things, people and challenges better. We also want to ask questions, question things and challenge the current ways of doing things and be open to new solutions.

Helping Customers Succeed

We want to serve customers and other stakeholders, and satisfy their needs. We focus our resources on understanding and satisfying customer needs.

Gender distribution of employees

Employment contract type

Age distribution of employees

Business area under 30 years 30-50 years over 50 years
Marketing Services 22% 62% 16%
Editorial Communication 8% 78% 14%
Publishing 10% 64% 26%
Print & Distribution 7% 56% 38%
Other 15% 36% 49%