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We help our customers stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Editorial Communication 2014

Christian Sahlgren, Managing Director of JG Communication

Engaging strategic content

JG Communication is a content agency. We help companies to achieve their goals through effective strategies and engaging, strategic content. Our vision is for content to be at the heart of every brand; our mission is to create value through content.

We are mainly a digital agency, offering a broad range of services including film production, social media, digital content production and magazines. Focusing on the digital presence of our customers gives us a competitive advantage.

The majority of our customers are multinational corporations whose common challenge is to communicate with several target groups through multiple channels. Against this background, we have seen a clear increase in the demand for strategic thinking and planning, as well as a greater interest in the possibilities offered by social media.

Together with the content we produce, our strategies help our customers stay ahead, and relevant, in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

JG Communication is based in Stockholm, Sweden and employs 85 people.


In 2014 our company grew through the acquisition of new customers and increased revenues from existing clients. We made huge progress towards our goal of being the Nordic’s leading provider of strategic, channel-independent content to global companies.

Traditionally, we have tended to focus on serving B2B enterprises, but in 2014 we expanded our client base to include major B2C companies. With strategic content becoming more and more important to all organizations, our main focus is now on creating strategic content for all companies, regardless of their target audiences.

The greatest challenge during the year was launching and implementing our new organizational structure. Building on this, we have invested in developing our managers so they are better prepared to meet the challenges of what is a very dynamic marketplace.

The fastest-growing services were content strategy, social media and film.


In 2015 we will continue to work towards our vision, in line with our strategy. We expect content strategy and production, film, and social media to continue to expand, but there is constant pressure to keep ahead of the trends in a fast moving market. This places demands on recruitment and the development of our staff. We will continue to strengthen the leadership skills of our account managers and production managers.

Other business areas

Marketing Services

Going strong in the Nordic region

The business area comprises: Citat Oy and Klikkicom Oy in Finland; Citat AB, KliKKi AB, Mods Graphic Studio AB, and associate company BrandSystems International AB in Sweden; and Citat Ukraine LLC in Ukraine.

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Meaningful information and skills

The business area comprises Edita Publishing Oy and the National Centre for Professional Development in Education, Educode Oy in Finland.

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Print & Distribution

Effective targeted marketing

The business area comprises Edita Prima Oy and Seed Digital Media Oy in Finland as well as Edita Bobergs AB in Sweden.

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