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Vi filter, interpret, analyze and select information to create meaningful and relevant content for our customers.

Publishing 2014

Päivi Hietanen, Managing Director, Edita Publishing

Meaningful information and skills for customers

Publishing business area comprises Edita Publishing and the National Centre for Professional Development in Education Educode. The objective of the Publishing business area is to produce meaningful information and skills to facilitate the development of society, communities and individuals.

We offer content and learning services as well as communication services consisting of digital and printed publications, stakeholder magazines, online content and information services, and learning solutions. We organize training in the areas of law and public procurement, and Educode supports the competence development of professionals in the field of education. We are the market leader in digital legal information services and business administration literature. We are also known for our high-quality learning materials, and we are a significant publisher particularly in the humanities.

We serve those who need information in the areas of law, taxation, human resource management, education, the environment and health care. Our services are used by learners and professionals who need reliable, authoritative and up-to-date information. Our customized content services help our customers save time and operate more efficiently. Our customers include businesses in various industries, non-profit organizations and the Finnish public administration body. We are also a partner in the distribution of official information: we publish the official journal of the Finnish state, Virallinen lehti, and maintain the Finlex online information service.

Our vision is to be the most innovative facilitator of the development of society, communities and individuals. Through our solutions, we aim to support communality, on-the-job learning and peer competence development. Our strength is our ability to filter, interpret, analyze and select information to create meaningful and relevant content for our customers.

Information processing capacity is growing constantly, the number of devices is increasing, and there is a tremendous glut of information. Edita Publishing’s ability to analyze and select information to create useful solutions for customers is increasingly needed. The Publishing business area has 80 employees. The focus of competence development is on digitality.


Although 2014 was a challenging year on the whole, we achieved our target result. The weakened economic situation in Finland led to caution among customers in terms of decision-making, which was reflected in our net revenue. The most significant challenges arose in the areas of subscription publications and stakeholder magazines. We achieved growth particularly in our Edilex legal information services as well as in learning materials for schools.

In 2014, we received a great deal of positive customer feedback regarding the Edilex and Credita information services. Edita Publishing’s Memo 8 Historia, designed for teaching history to students in grades 7-9 of high school, won a Gold Award at the Best European Learning Material Awards 2014, and there was an excellent response to the Käräjät 2014 (Court sessions 2014) professional training event for lawyers. We doubled the number of participants at our Public Procurement Day event. Our most significant subscription publication was the first issue in the Pro Finlandia series, which was implemented in cooperation with the National Archives of Finland.

We also reached several significant milestones in our digital business. Our new työelämänlait.fi service brings up-to-date laws and regulations related to working life to managers’ desktops, and we also developed Cloud Paper, a responsive online magazine service, and Cloud Book, an online book service. We used the Cloud Paper concept in the implementation of the online version of the Finnish Tennis Association’s Tennis magazine. Our magazine production partnership with Tamro was expanded to include video production. We also started cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Finland, involving the production of content for various communication channels such as electronic newsletters.

We carried out edition projects such as the Snellman website for the Snellman Institute. We also built a digital archive of political activity. For the Finnish Centre for Pensions, we produced a customized regulatory service using the Edilex Plus concept. We are also involved in the EduCloud project, which develops an electronic distribution channel for national learning materials.


We will continue the development of digital services in 2015. We will also focus more extensively on the on-the-job learning concept. New curricula will be implemented in schools in 2016, which means the production of diverse new learning materials will also be a significant project in 2015. In addition, we will support educators in utilizing state-of-the-art learning methods.

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