Effective targeted marketing

As experts in data use and personalization we help our customers to effectively execute the right message at the right time, using the desired channel and targeting the desired audience.


Print & Distribution 2014

Heikki Autio, Vice President, Print & Distribution
and Managing Director of Edita Prima

Edita Prima Oy

Multichannel customer communications

Edita Prima is a marketing communications service provider that offers solutions for marketing as well as customer communications. The key service areas are direct marketing, producing dynamic information, customer communications based on multichannel dialogue, and specialist printing services.

Our customers are B2C companies that make extensive use of marketing and communications to support their business operations. Our customers operate in sectors such as banking, insurance, transport and retail.

The field of marketing, communications and media is undergoing a major transformation, with one of the key trends being an increase in the use of customers’ own channels. Customers want to increasingly reach the end consumers of their products directly, which makes it more and more important to invest in developing their own channels. At the same time, the use of paid media in marketing is decreasing and becoming fragmented. We help our customers respond to this change and continuously develop our solutions for targeted and automated communications.

In line with its strategy, Edita Prima is transforming from a printing company into a multichannel customer communications specialist. We have consistently focused and invested on the production of dynamic data and the automation of marketing. The company differentiates itself in its industry by its expertise in data use and personalization. This allows us to effectively execute the right message at the right time, using the desired channel and precisely targeting the desired audience.

We have placed a strong focus on personnel development to ensure that we can provide effective solutions in response to the changing challenges faced by our customers. Digitalization is affecting all industries, and businesses have high expectations regarding the effectiveness of their marketing communications. We train our personnel with a long-term approach in areas such as customer cooperation, understanding the customer’s business, and production technology.


Last year was a year of structural changes, and the capacity tied to traditional printing operations was reduced. The company invested in the production of dynamic data and multichannel customer communications. The transformation of the printing industry is continuing, but we have successfully responded to this challenge by focusing on targeted communications and making our printing capacity more specialized.

The most significant achievements in 2014 were a substantial increase in the production of dynamic data, and expansion into digital channels through the acquisition of Seed Digital Media.


Seed Digital Media is a significant addition to the lineup of Edita Prima and the Nordic Morning Group as a whole. Seed Digital Media is known as a specialist in digital loyalty marketing with a client base consisting of B2C companies. We are now developing a combined offering based on solutions involving customer loyalty programs, automation and dialogue that can be uniquely and seamlessly implemented across all channels.

In addition to our own specialized printing operations, we are also continuing the development of print management solutions, which have grown substantially in popularity. As customers’ own expertise shifts to digital channels, their external service provider increasingly needs to specialize in the efficiency and optimal implementation of printing operations.

Edita Bobergs

The customer’s long-term partner in direct marketing

Edita Bobergs is a printing company specialized in direct marketing, personalized print products and related logistics. Our largest customers are in the retail sector, telecommunications and energy operators, the service sector and transportation. Another significant customer category is comprised of non-profit organizations and foundations that use direct marketing as part of their fundraising campaigns.

The company’s strengths are its expertise in direct marketing and good customer relationships based on long-term partnerships to build success. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our creative, high attention value solutions.

In addition to direct marketing, we focus on logistics services for marketing materials by combining web-to-print services with product warehousing and distribution.


As in the previous year, the total volume of the Swedish print market declined, particularly in the area of magazine and newspaper production. However, the Swedish direct marketing market only contracted slightly.

For Edita Bobergs, 2014 was a year of operational restructuring to complete the merger with Edita Västra Aros that began in autumn 2013.

A large number of changes and production restructuring moves were implemented during the year. Edita Västra Aros’ print operations were moved from Västerås to Falun, and the sales and customer service functions for the Stockholm region, along with digital printing and logistics for marketing materials, were centralized in Veddesta. The Västerås production facility was closed and prepress, sales and customer service were moved to new premises.

Carrying out these changes was a major challenge, and the company’s personnel deserve a great deal of credit for their successful implementation. The results and benefits we sought with the changes were already becoming evident in autumn 2014 once the organization was operating under a new concept and a more streamlined cost structure.


This will be the first full year of operations for Edita Bobergs’ restructured organization. In 2015, the company will focus on working with customers and developing direct marketing services.

We have implemented automation systems, and we work together with our sister companies Edita Prima and Seed Digital Media to offer multichannel customer loyalty programs that combine digital and print channels to create highly effective solutions.

In addition to the development of multichannel solutions, there is potential for further development in printed direct marketing. There are also avenues for improvement in the areas of campaign targeting, timing and measurability. The use of multiple distribution operators enables optimal choices of distribution channels.

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